Trollhättan Vänersborg Airport, SE- 461 93, Sweden




If you already have a PPL(A) and your ATPL theory completed, we offer modular training for you to become a commercial pilot.

The training is performed solely in multi engine DA42 aircraft and DA42 simulator. During the training program you will fly a minimum of:

  • 38 hours of DA42 aircraft and
  • 40 hrs of DA42 simulator

This is a full time course.

Price is 299 000 SEK and includes

  • Charts and maps
  • Landing fees
  • Accommodation
  • Skill Test fee
  • Aircraft rental for skill test
  • Transportation

Minimum Requirements for this course:

  • Hold a Night VFR rating
  • EASA ATPL Completed
  • Hold a Class 1 Medical
  • Have accomplished 157 hours of total flight time
  • Have completed a VFR cross – country flight as PIC, including a flight of at least 540 km (300 NM) in the course of which full stop landings at 2 different aerodromes shall be made.
  • 100 hours as Pilot in Command