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Multi Engine Piston Instrument Rating (MEP IR)

If you already have a PPL(A) and your IR, CPL or ATPL theory completed, we can offer you Instrument Rating in multi engine aircraft.
The training is performed solely in multi engine DA42 aircraft and DA42 simulator. During the training program you will fly a minimum of:
15 hours of DA42 aircraft
40 hours of DA42 simulator
2 hours skill test with examiner
This is a full time course.

Price is 169 000 SEK and includes
Charts and maps
Landing fees
Skill Test fee
Aircraft rental for skill test

Minimum Requirements for this course:
Valid Private Pilot License (PPL)
Medical class 2
Valid Multi Engine Piston (MEP) rating
Valid Night Qualification (NQ)
Completed IR(A), CPL(A) or ATPL(A) theoretical course
70 hours PIC time of which 50 VFR CC time