Trollhättan Vänersborg Airport, SE- 461 93, Sweden


Diamond DA42 NG
Diamond DA42 NG (SE-MKR)

We own and operate modern DA42 aircrafts. This aircraft is in excellent condition and equipped with modern sophisticated glass cockpit and TKS ice protection system.

Model: DA42 NG
Cruise Speed: 176 kt
Range: 1100 nm
IFR: Yes
GPS: G1000

Diamond DA42 Twinstar (OE-FIW)
Diamond DA42 Twinstar (OE-FIW)

This is our second DA42. This aircraft is equipped with the latest G1000 software and has TKS ice protection system.

Model: DA42
Cruise Speed: 166 kt
Range: 800 nm
IFR: Yes
GPS: G1000 (SBAS)

DA42 Simulator
DA42 Simulator

We have our own DA42 state of the art simulator which is an exact replica of the DA42 aircraft.

Cessna 172 B
Cessna 172 B (SE-LVZ)

This aircraft is ideal for Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (A-UPRT).

Model: Cessna 172 B
Cruise Speed: 114 kt
Range: 515 nm
G-forces: + 4.4 and - 1.7