Trollhättan Vänersborg Airport, SE- 461 93, Sweden



Revalidation means that your rating has not expired and you need to revalidate it before it expires.

Price for revalidation of valid MEP / IR rating
9 900 Swedish SEK (Proficiency check without extra training)

Renewal – Once the rating has expired (according to the date registered on your pilot licence) you will have to renew it. In order to do so, the flight training, seminar and flight exam you have to do will be different depending on how long ago your rating expired.

Price for renewal of expired MEP / IR rating that has expired within 6 months
– For ratings expired within 6 months, add one simulator session in our DA42 simulator that cost 4 000 Swedish SEK
– Proficiency check cost 9 900 Swedish SEK
– Total price 13 900 Swedish SEK (PC and training session)

Price for renewal of expired MEP / IR rating that has expired more than 6 months
– For ratings expired more than 6 months, add 2-3 hours theory
– One simulator session in DA42 simulator (1 hour block)
– One hour Refresh training in DA42 airplane
– 1 hour Proficiency check
– Total price 23 900 Swedish SEK

NOTE: The above price and training is only for pilots with experience on DA42. Applicants with no DA42 experience will require additional training.

We will offer accommodation free of charge for 1-3 nights. Accommodation consist of private room with shared bathroom and kitchen.

We can pick you up from Trollhättan train station if needed.

– Bank transfer (must be arranged before arrival).
– Card payment on site.

Note: If you have a valid Single Engine Piston (SEP) class rating we can revalidate / renew your SEP IR same time we do the MEP IR PC free of charge. We can also revalidate your SEP class rating if needed as long as you meet the requirement of FCL.740.A (b).

Available dates for PC 2022:
September 2022 (Fully booked)
October 2022 (Fully booked)

November 2022 (Available dates)